Yearly Archives: 2014

Ontario Income Tax – Find out where you are

If you live in Ontario, you would like to know where Ontario Income Tax rates are in comparison with other provinces in Canada.  You would like to know if you were living in a province where you needed to pay the highest provincial tax or the lowest, or somewhere in the middle.  Before you have...
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How an accountant help you live and love life in Mississauga

 How to enjoy life in Mississauga to the max?  Have somebody take the stress off your shoulders!

Today more than ever, Mississauga is exploding with jobs, entertainment, recreation. culture, and more.  There is so much to do in your day, from work to taking your kids to their clubs, recitals and lessons,...

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Filing Corporate Tax and Much More!

Busy with your business?  Owning and managing a business, overlooking all decision and transactions, can be rewarding yet daunting.  To add to the stress, overlooking important aspects can put your corporation at risk, like filing your corporate income tax (T2), and overlooking the overall financial success of your business.. Whether it be a non-private organization, a...
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Tax Season…. Why we wait and why we shouldn’t!

Midway into Tax Season…. Why we wait and why we shouldn't! We are now about half way through tax season and many of you still have not filed your income tax returns for 2013!  If you are thinking of putting it off further… Don’t!! Many people put off filing their tax returns because they are afraid they...
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