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Filing Corporate Tax and Much More!

Busy with your business?  Owning and managing a business, overlooking all decision and transactions, can be rewarding yet daunting.  To add to the stress, overlooking important aspects can put your corporation at risk, like filing your corporate income tax (T2), and overlooking the overall financial success of your business.. Whether it be a non-private organization, a...
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Understanding Taxation Services in Ontario

In Canada, the power of declaring taxes and carrying out Taxation resides with the parliament. The Federal government is in possession of the basic authority to legislate taxation. But at the same time, the provincial government also holds a stricter and restricted authority for taxing the populace in order to generate income for the purpose...
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Tax-Free Saving Accounts

Are you having trouble understanding the Tax-Free Saving Accounts? You are not alone. We found a great article from that provides a good explanation and tips to benefit from the TFSAs. “At first glance, TFSAs seem deceptively simple. You put some money into an account, hopefully make a profit, and eventually withdraw it all tax-free....
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