Income Tax Filing in Mississauga

Let A&L Accounting Services manage your Income Tax Return and Filling. Our skilled professionals will provide you with the right tools to help meet your personal goals. We offer tax preparation, bookkeeping, budgeting, and tax filing for individuals

Tax Consulting: As tax legislations change from day to day, on an even more rapid scale than the past, it is essential that experienced personal tax advice be offered to high net worth individuals, owner-managers of businesses and corporate directors and executives. Additionally, such individuals also need to develop a sound financial plan to maintain their personal and family wealth and the value of their estates. At A&L Accounting Services, our professional advice on the complete spectrum of tax concerns that can affect you will help you make the right decisions, at the right time. At A&L Accounting Services, we draw on advanced technology and experience when advising clients with private wealth. Not only can we can help you define your financial goals, but we can also design strategies to achieve those goals and set the plan in motion.
Tax Filing & Preperation: With A&L Accounting Services, filing your personal income tax returns just got easier. Let our seasoned professionals take the hassle out of filing your personal income tax returns. We provide professional and accurate preparation of income tax returns for Canadian taxpayers. As the rules for income tax returns change yearly, you need to be sure that you don't miss the opportunity to put money back into your pocket. Call the professionals who stand behind their work, and rest assured that your personal tax return and personal income tax return takes advantage of all deductions and meets the every changing rules of Canada's Income Tax Act.
Tax Planning: A&L Accounting services has developed a team of dedicated personal tax specialists to assist in the preparation of personal tax returns and supporting schedules. In today's ever growing complexity of tax legislation that are accompanied by constant changes, we can save you a lot of time and worry by undertaking to look after your personal tax affairs. That said, we offer more than just a processing service. We can review your tax return and offer advice on potential areas of tax mitigation, and advice on how to reduce your tax liability.
Cashback: A&L Accounting Services offers you a convenient and lower cost alternative for preparing your personal Income Tax and Benefit Returns. With the ever changing tax rules from year to year, you may not be utilizing all your options. As tax preparation specialists, A&L Accounting Services is up-to-date with the latest tax amendments. With that knowledge in hand, we will strive to reduce the taxes you have to pay and to maximize your return.
Newcomers to Canada (immigrants): Being in a new place can be scary. There are so many new things to learn, and so many laws that you are unfamiliar with. Anyone who has ever gone to a new place can readily agree that it is best to have a guide with local knowledge.Let A&L Accounting Services be your local guide in the scary realm of Canadian Taxes. We will assist you to become familiar with tax legislation, while steering you into the right directions from the very beginning. Your best interest is our main priority.