Professional Accounting Services in Mississauga

Today’s world is very busy, everyone is in a hurry and you just can’t achieve everything all alone. That’s why we are here. A & L Accounting Services Inc. can provide you many business services that would take you so much time. We can do them fast and effective so you won’t even feel them. We can offer you wide range of tasks which are covering wide range of business aspects. If you need something to be done quickly with professionalism you can call us. You don’t have to worry, we guarantee you that the job will be done in the proper way before the deadline. Here you can see the list of services that we are offering.

Let us take the hassle out of your business start-up and ongoing financial management needs

Contact us to find out how our business services can help you  save time and money:

  • Accounting Services
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Government Filing ( GST / PST / Payroll Deduction / WSIB)
  • Corporate Tax Filing
  • Name Search
  • Ontario Business Licence
  • Federal Incorporation
  • Ontario Incorporation
  • Registration with Canada Revenue Agency (BN, GST, Payroll, Corporate)
  • Registration with Workplace Safety & Insurance Board
  • Registration with Ontario Ministry of Revenue ( PST )

As you can see, you can transfer wide range of jobs to our company. The accounting service is the most important one because everything depends on it. If data from the accounting records is not true and you can’t rely on it, then you may find in a position of giving wrong conclusions. That’s why you should leave this activity to the experts. Aldo there are so many services we are offering, another important is government filling service. Many companies don’t know how to fill up properly documents and forms they need to send to the government. You can feel free and leave this to us, and we will make sure that everything is done correctly.